Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tour of the gila stage 2

Today, the moto Ref, who is actually staying two doors down from me at the B&B, was blown off the shit...he has road rash..60mph gusts..shingles were being blown off roof tops.
What an amazing experience.....but glad to be finished with this stage

I thought yesterday was tough.
Today I sold my soul to make it over the first climb and catch back on the descent.
Rough, considering last year I lead the entire peloton down this section.
And it just got harder, and harder, and harder...
40-60 mph winds...
I was popped out the back almost 6 times and left dangling behind the team cars.
Don't know how I did it but I eventualy got back on by the last climb and survived for the bunch finish. I think I lost 30 seconds.
I'm tanked
if you want a real race report
look here.

Bridging the gap to the lead group on the pinos altos climb...OUCH!

The BMC with edge 2.0 fork is amazing.
check out this wind!


  1. Lunner you're a hero, keep it up man!

  2. I like this line: "Leipheimer also said he is unfamiliar with such early starts — Gila stages typically start at 9 am. “I’d be a little happier if I got more sleep,” he said."

    Obviously he didn't do enough spring norcal racing this year!

    Lunner kill kill kill kill kill kill

  3. Lunner,
    Are you back on the carbon bandwagon? No more Italian steel for you? And is that Campy I see on that BMC? Give us the scoop.