Friday, April 30, 2010

Gila stage 3......the rae of cold truth.

Today's sweet ride.
And the dirt-bag that rode it.
Notice the not so above Category upside down AC.
Sorry Chad.

The 56 tooth chainring was spun out on the descent today
and the tail wind allowed me to use the 56x23 on the 4 mile climb
that's ripp'n fast....
I heard rumors of 58's being used.

Roman?...Dude?.....don't you know Kuota's are for tri geeks.!
Waiting in line to get our bike's checked.
Everybody was eyeballing the Parlee.

Getting the Parlee weighed after placing our bikes on a rickety metal stand that is held together with wing-nuts and blowing over in the wind. Obviously a very scientific UCI measuring device.

This is called the morph test and if your bike is outside of the rickety measuring device a referee cups his palm on your ass, that's what it looks like anyway, and then they measure the angle of your arm at the elbow.....I passed, but that is for sure an awkward looking shot.

We are from the galaxy aero
check out our dumbo helmets.

In the start house.

The final 50 meters....OUCH!
After 16 miles of self inflicted torture.
The finish line is a beautiful thing.

Finally a pain free moment.

Chill'n with my mom after the race.....
Literally chill' was 26 degrees this morning....and windy.

my time was about 10 seconds faster than last year.....but everyone else's was about 2-3 min I guess that means my muscles are bigger and badder then ever.

The big boys like Levi,Lance, and Zabriskie still put the better part of 3 min into me.
I ended up 47th, at 1:47 behind lance...not bad for a measuring stick...I'm actually stoked...all things considered...
Beat a few people I thought would be up there and ended up moving into 73rd place in the general classifications.
Every day I get a little better, or maybe I just get worse... at a slower rate then the other 92 riders behind me in GC.

Floyd Landis..whats up with the sleeve's

Lance looking a bit meaner than Landis
how about a matching helmet?
Actually looking forward to tomorrows criterium.

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  1. Looking good pro! All the pics are great, but why do you gotta make that funny face in the pic with your mom? I've seen that face show up a few times with me! I hope you're in dreamland right now cuz you're going to need your rest to kick some ass tomorrow! Stronger every day...