Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tour of the gila stage 1

No pics yet........I will try and do a recap later............

This race is special to me, it's kinda where it all started 6 years ago in the cat 3's.....Its where cycling sunk its addicting dagger into my aging carcass.
Still chasing the dream...and still dreaming...
life is but a dream.
If you asked me 6 years ago If I ever thought I would race against the likes of Lance Armstrong, Levi Leiphiemer, Dave Zabriske, and Floyd Landis all stage winners of the tour DE France, and all these other amazing athletes....I would have told you to go blow yourself.
Well. I'm doing it.......and I'm having fun......I'm here on my own dime. I work almost full time
I even have chickens.
The experience of competing at this level is something money can never buy me.
Today was F-ing Hard.
I felt good for 75 miles but had a hard time holding position in the crosswind.
I think like 70 people dropped out or were time cut.
I was happy to stay with the main pack....but the work I had to do to stay out of the gutter and not get shelled took its toll, coupled with the altitude, I tanked pretty bad on the last climb
a '2794 climb with grades up to 17%
I managed to hang with Taylor Phinney, and cross the line for 103rd place out of 194.
9min back
I guess no one will give a shit when I get in a break tomorrow....suckers.
Stage win for me.
until next time.
Oh yeah, Lance is F-ing ripped....Muscles made of can see the individual fibers through his skin....
I made him look a my ass for a while....riding at or near the front though the feedzone while the field was struuuuuung out....
fun stuff.


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  1. You may be there on your own dime, and have chickens, and drive a beater Toyota, but you have fans Lunner. Kick Ass!