Monday, January 24, 2011

New Shit

First new post in two months, how sweet is that?............Its my tri-monthly journal entry.

To start the ball rolling, Happy new year!.........and...........I've joined a new amateur cycling team called Marc Pro-Strava. I'm super excited to be racing with some new personalities and for once in my cycling career have a full team to work with. In the past I played the solo nomad I'm gonna dominate and crush like a barbarian role, but now I've found a full team of barbarians.

Hailing from the mountains of Truckee, none the less, these covert firefighting Mongols have been preparing a small army. To put it frankly, I am fearful for the riders that line up against us. These guys are hungry, unknown, and unpredictable. They remind me of fabled mystic animals from the mountains possessing a ragged and raw energy that can only be expressed as though it were legend. An unearthly energy as such cannot be contained. They are un-tapped engines and once ignited will combust like a volatile organic fuel swept down from the mountains obliterating and no doubt scaring the living shit out of the competition. Try to in-vision a bomb blowing to pieces any type of organized structure in the peloton. That is how I would present Marc Pro-Strava. Over the last weekend I witnessed in full force this destruction as they freak'n shredded me to bits and drug my remains over my home turf here in Marin.....Today I can barely walk.

On the roster we have two high altitude firefighters, an ex winner of the amateur adventure racing series, an organic vegetable grower, ex pro baseball player, a professional chef, a ton of unrefined talent, a collegiate football player, and my crazy ass self. The most important component of this team is the enthusiasm that it exudes and the support from the ground up. All of these guys purely love riding bikes and have no greater goal than to have fun. Its just too bad that they are a bunch of beasts and the rest of the field will suffer as the by-product of our fun.............I am sooooooo........stoked.

This brings me to my next obvious situation........and that is....I've left the Above Category Elite Racing Team of which I was the solo member. This makes me very sad, however I still greatly enjoy my occupation as a bicycle aesthetician at AC and the wonderful opportunity I have to share my love of bicycles with others. A Big thanks goes out on my behalf to Above Category for supplying a sweet Parlee TT bike, a set of Lighweight Ventoux's, Pinarello KHOB, Moots RSL, Parlee Z-5 and every other ounce of bad ass cycling gear that comes my way this season. (Chad, please review that list....hint, hint...especially the part about the Lighweights) ....Ha! Really I can't thank AC enough as none of this would be possible without their loyal support and passion for cycling. Also, I'm pretty sure, at the rate the AC junior squad is progressing there will be a new AC elite team next keep your eyes out.

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  1. totally beasty weekend and kick to the season. good luck, sharpen your tofu and let the massacre begin!