Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Vita-Mix

I Live in California.......I can't ski here
These are my Freshies.

I'm not one to Dweeb Out, but this is one contraption that I've gotta preach.
The Vita-Mix Variable speed blender.
Best $500.00 you will ever spend...........!

I think everyone would agree that fruits and vegetables are insanely beneficial. The vital nutrients they contain help ensure us a long, healthy, and prosperous life....
If you don't feel that way...go hang out at the feed lot with all your fast food friends and piss off! Or....get inspired and educate yourself!
If you like it fresh......consider throwing...4 large kale leaves, 1 banana, a handful of peach slices, a bunch of raspberries, two large cave man size handfuls of spinach, some mango, a chunk of ginger, an entire apple, and some grapes......on the table in front of you.

How would you go about eating all that.?
Chewing only gets you so far.
If you ate them uncooked, individually...how much of that would just pass through your gut as fiber and go straight down the drain as wasted goodness and hard earned cash?
Throw it all in the Vita-Mix and you'll get a pretty sweet raw green smoothie that tastes better than half the expensive shit that's been stagnantly rotting on the shelf at Whole Foods.
Better yet, its blended smoother than Yo pimp daddy peacock and goes down with all the pleasure of a freak'n milk shake, without the dairy gut bomb, gotta sit on the couch while this shit metastasizes for an eon feeling.
Get your moneys worth.........and get a Vita Mix.........If you feel the need to pack away food for end of the world, couple it with a dehydrator and seal that shit up for future consumption.
Also makes tree limbs into wood chips....just say'n.
stay fresh.

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  1. Very funny and so true. Juicing and growing sprouts are the way to go. Ride your bike and do your art, what ever it is!