Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love my pegoretti

I can't begin to say how awesome this bike is...almost zero interest in ever riding a carbon bike again...steel is real and plastic is plastic.......The Marcelo is pure magic, descending, climbing, sprinting, training, riding.....get one before you can't...I want another.

Carbon is instant gratification, a sugar coated, caffeinated, euphoric, blast to the head. After half of an hour the buzz wears off and your left riding a piece of plastic held together with glue. A limp, flimsy, lifeless piece of mass produced Chinese assembly line garbage. Its price jacked up like a monkey on bananas laced with coke. Then sold to you by a bunch of over zealous, and probably overweight, marketing dorks who eat at McDonalds and place propaganda in your cranium about how its the best bike in the solar system because it uses special waffle wing-nut, aero-splunk, plastico carbon. right? Don't you realize? Just because your American doesn't mean you have to walk around in a drunken stupor stepping on your own tongue as you drool over the newest fad in bicycle marketing technology. Ride a well built steel or aluminum frame crafted from the hands of an artist and you will be happy for the rest of your days. Or buy a carbon frame from $3500......believe in what they tell you, (believe that trans fats don't hurt you, and cholesterol is bad, that's bullshit too)... It only cost them $300 and their gett'n rich and gett'n fat. ....then realize you just got ripped and feel sorry for yourself when you buy another one in two years. That's just my opinion....

The Marcelo, on the other hand, is like a teacher. You hate it at first. You challenge the teacher, try to outsmart it, but in the end you realize your wrong. The teacher has life experience, something that your youth and naivety have hidden from you. Trust. Learn. You arrogant little twerp. This bike was built buy the hands of a frame building god. His knuckles and fingernails twisted and drenched, dripping with artful creation and wisdom that's been gathered through experience. The marcelo blossoms with this knowledge and timeless skill, but you must learn it. you must let it teach you....because most likely you know nothing...let it blossom and it will erupt and ooze confidence from which you can launch the cagiest most fierce attack the riders behind you have ever seen.

I deserve to eat three mouthfuls of dirt and gravel, garnished with dog shit and bird doo doo, for every lame and thoughtless remark I made when I first got this bike.


  1. Lunner, this is a great post and confirms something I have thought for a long time about my current plastic road bike.

  2. Kris, well put. I hope to be taught one day too!

  3. And, by the way, NICE F'in work in New Mexico!!! We were following everyday! Can't wait to read the first hand account!