Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wards Ferry RR

This one was tough....Up, down, Up ,down, attack, chase, attack, chase, bump, pot hole, shit my water bottle, hill, bump, crash, attack, chase, narrow fast rough descent, hairpin, guys into the fence, dudes off the back, waterbottles flying, scattered, hill, me pulling, stupid, attack, chase, atack, bump, hole, rock, there goes a small group, I don't want to chase again. bump, attack, chase, just dangling up the road, thud, just three of us chasing now, oh just popped one, bang, ouch, climb, lost my chain, down to just one. Ian leaves me in the dust, I am dusted. chasing the pack, just in sight, Now I'm chasing Ian, whack, bump, deadly descent, repeat as Individual time trial for the next 25 miles, finish in 8th. Only 12 finished out of 30ish. Ouch.

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  1. Ok, Nice blog Kris! I'm all caught up on the reading now, so I'll be watching for the next post!!!!!!!!

    -Spence (by the way, I didn't forger about your coffee and maple scone!)