Friday, October 30, 2009

a nice day and tired legs

Good morning!

Lets go for a ride.....

Up panoramic highway......

And down to Stinson Beach

Keep riding along the lagoon

Check out the ocean view from Bolinas

Now lets get going...don't want to be late for work...again!

Up the beautiful but bumpy-ass bolinas fairfax climb.

almost to the top...

Another couple miles along ridgecrest and I'll top out at 2000'

Then I'd better blast the descent, because I'm gonna be late.....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organic bacon

This blog is turning into homework..........If only I could wright while pedaling I'd be able to post a kaleidoscope of blogs everyday....any rate as you can see I've changed the name of my blog...........don't ask why, ya know, maybe I just felt like it. Hence Bio dynamic bacon is taking to root.

You might be asking what in the hell is bio dynamic bacon? Its a fancy term for the way bacon should be........from a real pig...... engineered by nature and put into action by an exuberantly spasmodic pig launching its earth sodden load into an accepting swines fallopian tube on direct orders to procreate. Bacon............. Nothing added..........nothing taken away..........the way a pig should be. What most people think of as bacon isn't even food and I wouldn't touch the stuff with a dogs a little research why don't you? Its your body that has to figure out what to do with it. Would you like to know where 80% of American bacon comes from? Since you most likely won't do your homework then heed my words..... If its not organic don't eat, yes even bacon and yes, especially bacon. Sucker.

Bacon and me
My friend Dana used to call everything bacon and so I adopted the term prefacing it with "eat organic." Then filled out an entry form for my first road race as a cat 5 and listed where it specified team name "team eat organic bacon." After each lap that I was leading, the commentator would announce "here comes Kris Lunning off the front racing for team...uh? eat organic bacon?" and it stuck like the gristly fat of a swines fat rack. This should clear up why I use the word bacon randomly on this blog just in case any of you thought i was a little weird...........I most likely am............and wouldn't have it any other way.

Since organic doesn't really mean shit anymore I figure I should change it to bio dynamic......Bio dynamic is for all intensive purposes the way food ought to be balance with the earth to the best knowledge that us pitifully wasteful humans are capable. In theory there is no waste of resources or energy year in and year out. The system is perpetual...and most importantly in equilibrium with us and the planet.........The food this system creates, including bacon, Is loaded with good stuff our supermarket fare is lacking and tastes out of this world. Think you know what a carrot taste like............try a bio-dynamic carrot..........after that rocks your world, try the bacon.

Tired of being a supermarket slut.........lunner.

I don't have any swine, so this is one of my hens from when I lived in Teton Valley ID. My friend Dave still tends to the flock.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The smiley kiwi is at it again, and it looks like I will be breaking out the assoss and saddling up soon. Coach upton has kindly posted my training plan for the next 3 weeks, He loves to torture and..............He's fired, F-ing asshole. Kidding....just when I was getting used to sitting on my ass.

I'm ending my 4 week rest period with a week of mostly raw food, no coffee, and no refined sugars. I'm going to try and keep the refined sugars at bay for the long term but miss my coffee and will take that up immediately. Just recharging the synapses. No ill side effects yet....only day 3 but its going smooth. I find the the raw/vegan diet difficult only because there are crap options for food everywhere I look. I've concluded over the last three days eating is mostly out of boredom and for pleasure and I've been surviving just fine off simple raw foods and relatively low caloric intake.....I just crave the crappy food because its what I'm used to and I've programmed myself that way. Oh, and the smell of pizza surfing through the evening doesn't help as it burrows its savory spines into my nostrils.

Any rate I look forward to eating more crap, Its easy. Just wanted to see what it was like to do this for a week........Someone even told me I was less of a man bitch than before...go figure.

Time to ride