Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wards Ferry RR

This one was tough....Up, down, Up ,down, attack, chase, attack, chase, bump, pot hole, shit my water bottle, hill, bump, crash, attack, chase, narrow fast rough descent, hairpin, guys into the fence, dudes off the back, waterbottles flying, scattered, hill, me pulling, stupid, attack, chase, atack, bump, hole, rock, there goes a small group, I don't want to chase again. bump, attack, chase, just dangling up the road, thud, just three of us chasing now, oh just popped one, bang, ouch, climb, lost my chain, down to just one. Ian leaves me in the dust, I am dusted. chasing the pack, just in sight, Now I'm chasing Ian, whack, bump, deadly descent, repeat as Individual time trial for the next 25 miles, finish in 8th. Only 12 finished out of 30ish. Ouch.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

movin on up

The following request to change your USCF category has been approved and processed by USA Cycling:
bacon - 2009-03-20 8:11
Member: Kris Lunning
License: Road Racer
Request to change category from Cat 2 to Cat 1

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madera Stage Race

Stage 1..Ben Hur hill climb....32.25, my 19th place finish was a whopping 3;37 off the pace of Ben jacues-Maynes...I guess that's why he was top 15 at the tour of California. The Parlee TT bike chad is letting me use for the year was amazing...a 16lb tt bike with disc wheel....Iit feels like a climbing machine, stiff, responsive, aggressive, and full of energy. only wish my legs did it justice....

Stage 2. a flat 10.3 mile tt.....it was another ride on the parlee and I felt better but still missing the power I usually feel in a tt. we calculated how fast I would have to ride in order to beat last years best time.....27.3 mph, and I beat that at 27.6mph, but with Ben's horse power, a new course record was set and I was left in the dust. 22nd place.

The afternoon crit was a blast....i think I might have attacked a bit to much, launching off the front to debut of the Above Category black and white. I proved my physical strength with the vengeful elegance of a Hyena feasting on the stolen prey of a pride of lions. However my racing IQ needs a bit of work. We were riding for Chris Turner and for the most part we were doing a good job as he conserved for the finale. With 10min to go Turner flatted. I wish my parents taught me to read, cause I still cant figure out what the lap cards say. it is the 2nd crit this year that I crossed the finish line thinking "shit, that was the last lap...." I never heard a bell, or saw the lap cards. This race was a lot of fun, but I raced like with my legs and left my head at home...I'm glad that at least my legs are feeling strong.

Sunday mornings road race rolled out of balmy 48*F barnyard full of cows, racers and a cloud embrocation. It warmed up quickly as we threw ourselves violently off the front of the peloton aiming to get away from the group... I through a bag of daggers at the peloton but came missed everyone eventualy setting Turner up as he walked right into the perfect escape group. They stayed about "2:30 up the road and the rest of us chilled.....Webcore eventually realed them in because their man in the break couldn't ride his bike and cartwheeled off the road. After the catch, it turned into a strung out war zone on roubaix style roads blasted by paleolithic crosswinds, terrorized by the strongmen ripping the cord of elastic and tearing the field apart. I was caught out a good distance behind with gaps opening up every 5th rider but managed to stay in the top 30. It settled through the feed zone and I survived the last lap to finish with the sprinters, but no kick left in my wasted legs.....top 20 overall....I'm content but not satisfied.. I want to be the one stretching the elastic....I want to severe it with my pegoretti.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Todays ride

3 hours.......with 30min temp 290-330, then 5x6 min @ 400-450......says the coach, mr Craig Upton, .......Yikes it was cold this morning, frost and ice on every windshield. Good thing Ian and I started it off with 4o min of climbing. The '1500 ascent to Pantol is a great way to get warmed up and sweaty while avoiding the cold damp air of the lowlands. Usually by the time we get to the top it has warmed significantly, but not today... By the time we finished blazing the brand new banked and burmed asphalt descent into stinson beach the warmth we had worked so hard for had evaporated. Extracted from our cores it flows like petrol through massive veins and arteries. Drowning electronic fuel injectors as they spew at increasing capacity to propel an oversize SUV burgeoning with children playing X-box fantasy games in the back seat to lunch @ McDonalds. As if that wasn't cold enough, whatever heat we could generate from riding tempo was lost along the frozen lagoon to bolinas....by the time we made it back to stinson to start our first interval we were thawing out, albeit slowly. I would love it if I only had to do two of these intervals, more than that and they just plain suck, especially after being sick, and loosing 5lbs in one week. Upton....I hate being your guinea pig, but you Efing never cease to make me faster. agh!!!!!!!!! 420....415....405......BONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......398 and horrendously sloppy to finish it off. Last time I nailed all of them at about 410watts...but the rath of sickness still lingers and I am weak....I pledge to the Holy chain ring gods and swear to the SRM demons that lurke on my digital display....I will do these @ 430watts............Mark my words....To be continued.......I'm wasted..

The sickness

Getting back on it after being on and off sick again since pine flat road race

pine flat

3rd place.....more to come...super small field...I launched a solo attack, not entirely on purpose with about 5 K to go...the last 1k being steep as all hell, i got caught out by two light weight toothpick bone heads that sand baged it in a field of 11 the entire62 mile day... I mean how do you sandbag it in a field of 11....work you fear mongers..show a little grit...who even cares about winning a pro field when only 11 no-ones show up. Actually the guy that got 2nd was on Rock Racing but he faked it all day.....wimp...chump. go home....I will crush you!